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2013, New Delhi & Gurgaon

The concept here is chic, umber and international styling, keeping the palette black and white, the bling is minimal and accentuated in design A snug fit, slick, black and white interior welcome you into a glamorous world of styling and high end makeup studio. The feel is of walking into an international fashion brand and chain akin to the brand identity

Toni & guy

2008, New Delhi & Mumbai

Stone pavilion for Odyssey in an exhibition hall to showcase stone products in innovative ways. It was translated architecturally in form of claddings, flooring and product design. Underlying concept was dry cladding in stone depicting story of stone used as wall mural. Panels are created from Gwalior white stone with CNC carving flat bed machine and some panels are inlaid with mother of pearl and silver

Odyssy Pavilions

2013, New Delhi

It is this idea of the post monsoon shower washing out all the grime and what emerges is a cleansed sparkling, gleaming, rejuvenated feel that we tried to imbibe in the spirit of the interior spaces for the salons at Punjabi Bagh and Rajouri Garden in New Delhi for Monsoon salons

Monsoon Salon PB

A firm that provides sustainable architecture and urban design solutions, M:OFA treats architecture as ever changing and mutable

Architectural Digest: AD50 March-April 2015

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